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Vatronix Monochrome LCD manufacturers
Monochrome LCD display manufacturer, support full series of monochrome LCD screen customization, one-stop service, support various series of sample testing, support small batch trial production, fastest same-day delivery.

In this new age of technological advancements, the monochrome LCD display still plays a very important role in the computer business. Monochrome is a computer display system that only shows one color or two colors with several shades, to display information. Monochrome displays are usually found in terminals, and instruments using CRT or LCD technology. LCD displays are popular due to their low cost LCD technology, low power consumption, and ease of customization with minimal tooling costs. Vatronix is one of the companies that manufactures and produces Monochrome LCD displays.

The monochrome displays that they produce are made from high-quality materials, which ensures that they are durable and last a long time without defects. They also offer customization services of these Monochrome LCD displays to suit your preferences. All you have to do is place your order and clearly state your specifications and they will do it. Keeping these displays at optimum working conditions without servicing them increases the risk of having unscheduled downtime, hence the need for a one-stop service. This is guaranteed by Vatronix when you purchase these displays from them. It also prevents expensive repair work on equipment.

Vatronix offers a variety of sample testing programs for these displays to ensure they are working properly. This sample testing also ensures all displays are meeting the required standards before being used. They also support small batch trial production for displays offered by clients. This small batch production allows flexible production and gives room for the client to make necessary adjustments before they decide on large scale manufacturing. With Vatronix, you get fast-same day delivery for products ordered which ideally saves you a lot of time.

They currently have over 400 standard LCD modules that support customization, and below are some of the display modules they produce; PCB-TC2004A-SDBTSW. This is a dot matrix display LCD screen module, which is a standard screen displaying 4 lines and 20 letters per line. The TC1602C2-SDYFSG monochrome LCD panel is sized at 84.0mm by 44.0mm and it displays 2 lines of letters, 16 letters per line. It is available in black letters on emerald green background, white letters on blue background, blue letters on gay background and other colors. The KNY1602G-FUTFNF is a 1602 custom monochrome display screen. It displays 2 lines of letters and 16 words per line on a gray film and blue letters. The TS2023-ic2 is a Font LCD with an operating temperature range of -30 to +80 degrees Celsius. The storage temperature ranges from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. It is usually used in automotive electronics, instrumentation, intelligent terminals, and open mold custom

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