Shenzhen Industrial Park

First Phase

Second Phase

CTP Workshop

We make sensor and bond FPC in our own factory and buy cover glass from professional cover class maker
We can do OCA and LOCA bonding in our own facility

Lab and Test Equipment

For every new model, before mass production, we do reliability test to ensure our material choice and our workmanship are designed properly.
This can help to avoid reliability issues happening at our customer side

Water Droplets Angle Tester

Differential Interference Microscope

Ageing Test

Constant Temperature and Humidity Machine

Cooling Fan

High Temperature Chamber

LCD cutting & flushing device

Cutting Workshop

Crystal Image Cutting Machine

Grinding and Polishing

lcd Module assembly line

Full automatic line to bond LCD panel, IC and FPC together as FOG for mass production.  Semi-automatic line for sample making and small order assembly.
We can handle sample and small orders flexibly.  We don’t have strict MOQ requirement.  Thousand class cleaning room to  assemble backlight and FOG.

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