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Vatronix Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of high-quality liquid crystal display (LCD) liquid crystal display module (LCM), Passed SGS, TUV, BVQI, DNV and other institutions certification; With advanced LCD, LCM fully automated production lines and production technology, It has a strong supply capacity of TN-LCD, STN-LCD, SMT-LCM, COB-LCM, COG-LCM, TFT-LCM, OLED-LCM and other liquid crystal display products, The minimum dot pitch is 0.001mm, and the minimum line width is 0.003mm.

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Vatronix Industrial Co., Ltd. currently has more than 400 standard liquid crystal display modules (LCM), And most LCD products are customized products. Simultaneously, We are good at customizing TFT-LCD, STN-LCD and LCM displays with various specifications and different technical requirements for customers. At present, LCD products have been used in instrumentation, automotive electrical appliances, thermometers, blood pressure meters, electronic scales, smart energy meters, water meters, electrical meters, audio, air conditioners, remote controls, induction cookers, massagers, treadmills, fat machines, learning machines, electronics Dictionaries, MP3s, clocks, CNC fuel dispensers, financial communications, medical instruments, household appliances, digital products, industrial automation control, various human-machine interfaces, handheld devices, information appliances and other fields are widely used by customers. Continuously meet the needs of various industries for LCD products. The products are of high quality, Low power consumption, Fast delivery, reasonable price, Timely and thoughtful technical support has been trusted and praised by international friends, And established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

Vatronix Industrial Co., Ltd. pursues the business policy of “Quality is above everything, and service makes the future”, Pursue first-class quality and technological development. Through continuous improvement of corporate management, Unremitting efforts in seeking to establish long-term cooperative relations, Sincerely provide our customers with leading products and services. We will continue to develop and produce more and better products, To customers who pay attention to quality and brand image.

With the rapid development of the LCD industry, We will closely follow the development of the world’s advanced display technology, Be realistic and innovative, Continuous improvement! Welcome customers to inquire and order our products.










Company Culture

The products are mainly used in: instrumentation, industrial control and security, card readers, communication terminals, audio-visual equipment, Parking meters, network equipment, communication power supply, vehicle GPS, bank terminals, etc. In addition to providing standard products in these application areas, Vatronix is ​​particularly stronger than custom LCD products. Dedicated to the unremitting efforts of LCD display and related professional applications for decades, he has a deep understanding of LCD, has strong ability to develop new products, and has a certain production scale. Vatronix has a wide range of information channels and has close connections with many electronic design companies in the world. It has a timely and in-depth understanding of the development of LCD technology at home and abroad and the market information of related application products, accurately grasps the development trend of products, and continuously innovates in design. The products offered are adapted to changing market needs.

Company Objective
To achieve our customers value
To provide our employees happy development platform
To build great team with social responsibility

Our Misson
Provide customers with top quality products and one-stop solution.
Establish a joyful and sustainable platform for our employees.

Our Vision
To be international well-known custom-made display specialist

Our Values
Quality, Integrity, Efficiency


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