Ips Lcd Display: A Breakthrough in Image Quality
Introducing IPS LCD display. This new technology is revolutionizing the display industry, creating images with an unprecedented level of clarity and color accuracy. What are some of the benefits? With...
Capacitive touch screen technical specifications
Material: completely scratch-resistant glass material (Mohs hardness 7H), not easy to be scratched and worn by sharp objects, not affected by common Both with the eye protection function of goggles. Sensitivity:...
Capacitive touch screen structure
The basic structure of the capacitive touch screen is:The substrate is a single-layer plexiglass,A layer of transparent conductive film is uniformly forged on the inner and outer surfaces of the plexiglass,A...
Electronic paper can play color video!
Electronic paper can play color video! China's color video electronic paper display technology has made a major breakthrough "This is the world's first reflective display that can present lifelike color...
Panel prices are still rising! AUO, Innolux, Caijing:
Panel prices are still rising! AUO, Innolux, Caijing: Demand will continue until the first half of next year Panel prices have risen significantly since the third quarter.It is still rising,Panel makers...
The panel market breaks out, LCD is still the "main course"
"The performance has begun to materialize",A large buyer said bluntly,"It is enough for panel prices to stay at the current level."Simultaneously,The stock price rise is related to the expected volume...
Will you read the LCD specifications
Many people get the LCD screen specifications in English,Many little friends who have just touched the LCD screen have no way to start,What exactly are so many pages talking about?How to confirm whether...
Overview of Polarizer Manufacturing Technology
Overview of Polarizer Manufacturing Technology The production process of the polarizer is divided according to the stretching process,There are two kinds of dry stretching and wet stretching;According...
Capacitive touch screen classification
Capacitive screen principleThere are two types of capacitive touch screens: surface capacitive touch screens and projected capacitive touch screens.Surface capacitive touch screenThe surface type capacitive...
Capacitive touch screen
The capacitive touch screen technology uses the current induction of the human body to work.The capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen,The inner surface of the glass screen and...
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