Panel prices are still rising! AUO, Innolux, Caijing:

Panel prices are still rising! AUO, Innolux, Caijing: Demand will continue until the first half of next year

Panel prices have risen significantly since the third quarter.It is still rising,Panel makers AUO, Innolux, and Caijing are happy to watch the good industry boom until the first half of next year.

AUO: Optimistic about panel demand in the first half of next year

AUO General Manager Ke Furen and Innolux General Manager Yang Zhuxiang jointly attended the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition today.Ke Furen is optimistic that the panel industry boom is expected to continue into the first half of next year.

Ke Furen said,Strong customer orders,But affected by the short supply of components,The production capacity still cannot meet customer needs,Looking forward to next year,Changing lifestyles due to the epidemic,It is expected that the long-distance business opportunities and housing economy brought by it will continue to ferment.The medical biotechnology industry is booming,Driving the demand for display panels is also expected to increase,Optimistic about panel demand in the first half of next year.

In addition,he thinks,In addition to the new needs brought about by the epidemic changing lives,Next year, 5G communication-related products will also continue to increase,It is expected that the display will become the main interface for human-machine communication.

Innolux: The market is still booming in the first quarter of next year

Innolux also sees Wang in the first half of next year,Yang Zhuxiang said,Love makes the housing economy feverish,Online trade and distance teaching have become the norm,Home economy products such as switch game consoles and Chrombook have a fever,Panel components are out of stock,Chasing goods and materials,It is expected that the first quarter of next year will still be very busy.

He observed the post-epidemic era,The new look of human food, clothing, housing and transportation,It may become the norm to maintain social distancing between people.Policy guidance, regulatory innovation, open data, cross-domain dialogue, biomedicine, information communications, and artificial intelligence (AI) industry integration are new trends.Optimistic about the combination of information communication and AI in Taiwan,Create a new future for the biomedical industry.

In addition,In order to enjoy the benefits of RCEP tariffs,Although Innolux has assessed to set up a factory in Vietnam,However, there is currently no specific plan.

Caijing: Demand has been seen in the first half of next year

Caijing (6116), a small and medium-sized panel manufacturer, held a seminar on today (3),Deputy General Manager Wu Xuhe said,The tight capacity situation in the fourth quarter has not changed.Even now we can see that the first quarter of next year cannot meet customer needs.Among them, the demand for IT products such as tablets and laptops has been seen in the first half of next year.

Caijing’s revenue in the first three quarters of this year reached 12.51 billion yuan,Annual increase of 6%; net profit after tax is 1.07 billion yuan,The annual increase was 33%; the net profit per share was RMB 0.34, higher than RMB 0.26 in the same period last year.

Caijing’s gross profit margin in the third quarter was as high as 37%,However, some of them recognize the disposition of the sales plant’s benefits,The gross profit margin after restoration is about 24.5%,It is still far better than the panel Shuanghu’s gross profit margin of about 10%.Caijing pointed out,The production capacity of most product lines of the panel has been very tight since last season.So it drives the price up,In addition, the company continues to adjust its product portfolio,Let the average selling price of shipments in the third quarter rise to $40,The quarterly increase was as high as 38%.

Legal person said,Caijing’s October revenue reached 2.08 billion yuan,It is a new high in a single month in the past two and a half years,And the recent panel demand is still strong,Caijing’s revenue in November and December is expected to remain at the same level, and even have the opportunity to increase slightly.

Caijing’s shipments in the third quarter accounted for the highest proportion of mid-size IT products such as tablets and laptops, reaching 43%. Smart phones accounted for 22%, wearables 11%, industrial control 10%, feature phones 9% and automotive 5 %.Looking forward to season 4,Mid-size IT is expected to rise to 56%,The other parts are squeezed out,Smartphones dropped to 14%,Wearables dropped to 3% due to the end of the third quarter of the school season, and industrial control and automotive use maintained the proportion of the previous quarter.

In addition to being optimistic about the industry,Caijing will also recognize 770 million yuan in non-factory sales revenue in the fourth quarter.Profits will therefore be pushed up further.

But in terms of lack of materials,Caijing said,Power management chips and active components are the most important,Polarizer manufacturers also believe that the fourth quarter will be tighter.Glass is the supply of some generations and there are hidden concerns.It will be a place that needs special attention next year,Also continue to actively contact suppliers.

Looking to the future,Caijing is optimistic about the three growth drivers of wearable, automotive and industrial control.Caijing said,Wearing benefits from health and medical applications,And optimistic about the demand after the communication function is added,Will continue to cultivate wearable products;The vehicle part currently has a production line for Japanese customers.The second industry will be put into production after the client’s certification is completed.It is expected to be certified in the second quarter of next year.In the development of new-generation technology,Caijing has established a team to plan the development direction of Mini LED and Micro LED equipment, materials, and manufacturing processes.There are also prototypes developed,Hope to find the most favorable investment and direction.

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