Overview of Polarizer Manufacturing Technology

Overview of Polarizer Manufacturing Technology

The production process of the polarizer is divided according to the stretching process,There are two kinds of dry stretching and wet stretching;According to the dyeing process,There are two kinds of dyeing and iodine dyeing.The preparation process of the polarizer includes three steps: pre-process, intermediate process and post-process.The pre-process includes film making, cleaning, dyeing, stretching, laminating TAC protective film and drying and curing.

The middle process includes applying a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer,Steps for various functional films such as composite polyethylene protective film and composite release film or reflective film.The subsequent processes include cutting, marking, edging and packaging.The typical process is generally:First, the polyvinyl alcohol film is immersed in a solution containing iodine for dyeing,After dyeing, iodine chains are formed in the film.then,Between the rollers rotating at different speeds,According to a certain direction,First stretch the PVA film unidirectionally by 3-6 times,Highly oriented polyvinyl alcohol molecular bonds,And dry the film,A polarizing film with selective light transmission characteristics is produced.

A layer of TAC film base is laminated on both sides of this polarizing film,So as to form the original polarizer.On the upper level

Overview of Polarizer Manufacturing Technology

A surface protective film is added to the AC film,In addition, a release film or reflective film is attached to the lower TAC film, and then the surface protective film is attached.Finally enter the subsequent cutting process,Even if the polarizer is made,The process flow of polarizer manufacturing is shown in the figure.

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