Electronic paper can play color video!

Electronic paper can play color video! China’s color video electronic paper display technology has made a breakthrough

“This is the world’s first reflective display that can present lifelike color effects of full-color video content.”On November 25, South China Normal University held a press conference on new electronic paper display technology. The color video electronic paper display jointly developed by South China Normal University and Shenzhen Guohua Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has made a breakthrough. This achievement is based on the key technology of color video electrowetting electronic paper developed by the team led by Professor Zhou Guofu and Professor Alex Henzen. It is understood thatThe team has successfully developed the first reflective paper-like display that can play full-motion video, can display color images with print quality, and has low energy consumption and eye protection features. This achievement can be widely used in interactive classrooms, mobile terminals, smart cities, and other scenarios, and is expected to become one of the most promising new display technologies.

Zhou Guofu said This is the world’s first reflective display that can present lifelike color effects of full-color video content. According to reports, The display is based on the principle of electrowetting display, A breakthrough in technology has been achieved, including the use of a new 5.8-inch TFT active matrix backplane with high transmittance, And a new display driver that can position the reflective panel through 18-bit color signals, A revolutionary display unit structure based on the layered switching of the primary colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow) used for color printing on paper is also used. Simultaneously, Independently designed and prepared a series of new display materials, Including color display ink materials that can achieve full-color effects. The core member of the team, Professor Henzen, demonstrated the content of the tablet computer on the 5.8-inch active matrix color electronic paper display. Henzen said, The birth of this reflective display that can be read comfortably in the sun, Will completely change the market structure of e-readers and tablet PCs.This type of display consumes several orders of magnitude less energy than existing tablet computer displays. A single charge can play color video for several consecutive days. finally, People can easily read the tablet in full sunlight. ”

Electronic paper can play color video!

Based on high contrast, Low power consumption, High color gamut, and other advantages, The display can be widely used in smart city scenes, Including outdoor advertising, traffic information signs, etc., It can further enrich and enhance the existing outdoor display application market.

“The e-reading market has been waiting for the arrival of color video e-paper displays. Especially in education and outdoor applications, the demand is great,” Zhou Guofu said: “Our display technology perfectly meets all the functions required by these devices, We will release the first application product in 2021. ”

It is reported that The Color Dynamic Electronic Paper Display Technology Research Institute of South China Institute of Advanced Optoelectronics, South China Normal University was founded in 2012. The team includes a group of core members of the original Philips electronic paper display technology research team. Mainly engaged in the research and achievement transformation of green optoelectronics, especially electronic paper display technology, Focus on breaking through the two major bottlenecks of electronic paper video and color display. In 2016, The research institute and 12 units across the country have been approved for the national key research and development plan project

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