> Solar lighting
> Graphic Display
   >122x32 pixles
   >128x32 pixles
   >160x32 pixles
   >192x32 pixles
   >128x64 pixles
   >192x64 pixels
   >160x128 pixles
   >240x64 pixles
   >240x128 pixles
   >320x240 pixles
> Character Display
>Customized Display
RGB backlight 128x64 LCD
Module No.:TG12864H3-05MB0
.Lower cost than KS0108 LCDs
.Serial interface uses only 4 or 5 digital pins
.Black negative LCD
.Low power RGB LED backlight
.Control with PWM to make any color you can imagine
.Works perfectly with 3V logic
.Adjust contrast by software
.Outline size:95.0x55.0x10.3
.Viewing Area:65.5X38.0
.Controller:ST7565P or compatible

The LCD built-in Sitronix ST7565P. ST7565P is a single chip driver & controller LSI for graphic dot-matrix liquid crystal display systems. This chip can be connected directly to a microprocessor, accepts serial or 8-bit parallel display data from the microprocessor, stores the display data in an on-chip display data RAM of 65 x 132 bits and generates a liquid crystal display drive signal independent of the microprocessor. It provides a high-flexible display section due to 1-to-1 correspondence between on-chip display data RAM bits and LCD panel pixels. It contains 65 common driver circuits and 132 segment driver circuits, so that a single chip can drive a 65 x 132 dot display. And the capacity of the display can be increased through the use of master/slave multi-chip structures.
These chip are able to minimize power consumption because it performs display data RAM read/write operation with no external operation clock. In addition, because it contains power supply circuits necessary
to drive liquid crystal,which is a display clock oscillator circuit, high performance voltage converter circuit, high-accuracy voltage regulator circuit, low power consumption voltage divider resistors and
OP-Amp for liquid crystal driver power voltage, it is possible to make the lowest power consumption display system with the fewest components for high performance portable systems.

On-chip Display Data RAM  
-Capacity: 65 x 132 = 8,580 bits
-RAM bit data “1”: a dot of display is illuminated.
-RAM bit data “0”: a dot of display is not illuminated.
Various Function Set
-Display ON/OFF, set initial display line, set page address, set column address, read status, write/ read display data, select segment driver output, reverse display ON/OFF, entire display ON/OFF, select

LCD bias, set/reset modify-read, select common driver output, control display power circuit, select internal regulator resistor ratio for V0 voltage regulation, electronic volume, set static indicator
-H/W and S/W reset available
-Static drive circuit equipped internally for indicators with 4 flashing modes
.Low power RGB LED backlight
.Control with PWM to make any color you can imagine